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Firebaugh High School 
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TONY HUA, Principal
5246 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lynwood, CA 90262
Tel: 310-886-5200 | Fax: 310-637-8041


Bell Schedule

Period Time
1st 8:00AM-8:59AM
2nd 9:04AM-10:08AM
3rd 10:13AM-11:12AM
1st Lunch 11:12AM-11:48AM
4th 11:53AM-11:48AM
4th 11:17AM-12:16PM
2nd Lunch 12:16PM-12:52PM
5th 12:57PM-1:56PM
6th 2:01PM-3:00PM

Shortened Day Wednesday

Period Time
1st 8:00AM-8:50AM
2nd 8:55AM-9:45AM
3rd 9:50AM-10:40AM
5th 10:45AM-11:35AM
1st Lunch 11:35AM-12:05PM
4th 12:10PM-1:00PM
4th 11:40AM-12:30PM
2nd Lunch 12:30PM-1:00PM
6th 1:05PM-1:55PM
WASC 2:05PM-4:00PM

Minimum Day Schedule

Period Time
1st 8:00AM-8:40AM
2nd 8:45AM-9:25AM
3rd 9:30AM-10:10AM
Break 10:10AM-10:15AM
4th 11:20AM-11:00PM
5th 11:05AM-11:45AM
6th 11:50AM-12:30PM
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Welcome to our school!  Our goal is to ensure that all our students receive a solid academic foundation that will propel them as they progress through middle and high school so that they can graduate from high school prepared for college and a career.  Our teachers, administrators, other staff and volunteers devote countless hours each year to providing our students with a solid education in a nurturing environment.

We are proud of the programs we have that support students.  We are especially excited about the new districtwide plan to improve achievement.  Our teachers and administration are joining others from across the district to align our curriculum to the California state standards so that our students experience the best education possible. 

We encourage you to become an active member of our school community.  Working together, our students can experience the highest quality education.


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